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Partnering with Dr. Hoffman provides important benefits...​



Dr. Ronald Hoffman is a highly respected physician and one of the original pioneers and practitioners of complementary medicine. He is frequently contacted by the media to provide his thoughts and insights on breaking stories on health and medicine. He is an active member of several major professional organizations, including a term as the President of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).  Dr. Hoffman provides his audience with valuable advice, real-life experiences and scientific support in a lively and entertaining manner that is enjoyable and easy to understand.



Influence Over Large Audiences

Dr. Hoffman has been on radio for more than 30 years. His weekend Intelligent Medicine show currently airs on more than 100 stations, including New York City. He has a large and loyal following on-air and online, with a successful podcast, website, newsletter, and social media presence.  His audience knows they can trust him and take his recommendations to heart.

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Dr. Hoffman has broad reach all across the country.

Safe Environment

Dr. Hoffman is a respected physician and educator.  His programming provides sponsors with a family-friendly, non-controversial media outlet for their messages. That is why some of the top companies in health, fitness, and nutrition know that Intelligent Medicine is the right environment for their brand and products.

Customized Marketing Solutions

Dr. Hoffman’s media platforms offer solutions for both direct response and branding campaigns, with the flexibility and customization to fit your company’s marketing needs. We are experts at building just the right package to create maximum engagement with our audience and get you the ROI you need.


​Based on your objectives and budget, we will customize a comprehensive campaign to drive phone calls and/or clicks to generate leads and promote sales.

Direct Response

Using our powerful multi-media platform, we will leverage Dr. Hoffman’s reach and credibility to align your brand with our highly targeted content.

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