Dr. Hoffman Online

Intelligent Medicine maintains a robust online presence catering to a highly targeted and engaged following. All of the digital elements, along with the broadcast radio show, are designed to work together to increase reach and frequency.

  • DrHoffman.com is one of the top online resources for unbiased health and medical information - more than 200k Unique Visitors every month

  • First page on Google for hundreds of relevant search terms (often #1 result)

  • The Intelligent Medicine Podcast – more than 180k downloads every month (more than 9 MILLION to date)

  • Popular weekly e-Newsletter 

  • Active and growing followings on FaceBook and Twitter

  • Sponsorship Opportunities include:

    • Ads on DrHoffman.com and in the Intelligent Medicine e-Newsletter

    • Advertorial on the website (promoted across all assets)

    • Pre-roll and mid-roll ads in the Intelligent Medicine Podcast, as well as extended interviews with your spokesperson or expert 

    • Ads and promotions on FaceBook and Twitter

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